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Manual Wheelchair
Weekly: $55
Monthly: $165
Basic Wheelchair
Weekly: $160
Monthly: $480
Pride Go Sport
Knee Walker Steerable
Weekly: $55
Monthly: $165
Roscoe Knee Walker

Experience The Best Mobility Equipment Rentals in Jacksonville, FL

Do you need a wheelchair rental in Jacksonville, FL? Are you exploring the best options for a knee walker steerable for sale and for rent? You have come to the right place. The medical equipment rental market in Jacksonville, FL, has grown in recent years, and we take pride in catering to the niche rental needs of our customers. 

At Home Ability Store, we are the most trusted name for wheelchair and handicap scooter rental in Jacksonville, FL. We have the best medical equipment from leading manufacturers and take pride in our competitive pricing. Whether you need mobility solutions for a short vacation or need them for your temporary mobility issues, we have the best products at the best price. You don’t have to struggle to move around or depend on your family or caregiver; our power wheelchair rental and handicap scooters let you enjoy your freedom. 

Why Buy When You Can Rent It

There is a big rental demand for mobility assistance products, and we have built a strong base. If you or your loved ones face mobility issues, you can’t do without wheelchairs, lift chair recliners, and handicap scooters. Buying these equipment outright may not be the most viable option, especially when you need them for a short period. Not everyone needing mobility assistance sees value in spending money to purchase such equipment permanently.  

As a company that has been part of people’s health and well-being, we bring you the best rental plans. We keep our rentals cost very affordable to offer you maximum value for money while helping you regain mobility. Whether you are looking for a manual wheelchair for rent or the best handicap scooter for rent, we bet you won’t find a better deal.  

Partnering In Your Recovery

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, it can take months before you can return to your everyday life. You are anxious to do things without bothering others and not aggravate your injuries further. We partner in your recovery with our extensive range of mobility products. Our products help you with greater comfort, accessibility, and ease in these challenging times. ...Try our lift chair recliner rental, which lets you relax and overcome the constant feeling of illness in a traditional wheelchair. Wish to move around your home with greater accessibility and comfort? You can try our power wheelchair rental and sale that lets you move without having to exhaust your body. Your recovery needs not be more strenuous than it already is. We offer you the best rental options based on your needs.
You don’t need to spend on mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and knee walkers if you need these for a short duration. Please take advantage of our attractive rental plans and save money while you recover. At Home Ability Store, we like being part of your journey to better health and wellness. Explore our latest wheelchair and handicap scooter rental offers in Jacksonville, FL.

Lift Chair Recliner
Weekly: $160
Monthly: $450
Gold Lift Chair
Patient Lift Liko M220
Weekly: $105
Monthly: $250
Hill Rom
Power Wheelchair
Weekly: $160
Monthly: $480
Envy Power Wheelchair

Note: Delivery cost varies based on the product and the destination. Please call us for inquires.

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