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Power Mobility


Pride Go Sport
Home Ability stocks a large selection of mobility scooters suitable for most mobility needs. Our travel scooters are perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their independence on the go, as they easily disassemble or fold to fit into the trunk of nearly any vehicle. We keep about 10 different models in stock in our showroom, so you’re sure to find the right one for your needs

Power Wheelchair

Envy Power Wheelchair

We offer a variety of disassembling and foldable power wheelchairs capable of supporting up to 500 pounds. Power wheelchairs operate using one hand and are a great option for anyone with limited mobility. They are excellent for use in assisted living communities, and some models run off of a lithium-ion battery making them TSA-approved and perfect for travel. Stop by our showroom to see what we have in stock and test out different models!

EZ Ride +

EZ Ride

The EZ Ride+ is the latest innovation in wheelchair mobility and gets you where you need to go with power and confidence. It transforms your standard wheelchair, giving you the freedom you need for independent mobility!
No vehicle hitch or lift is required!  No need to purchase an expensive, heavyweight, powered wheelchair or scooter! This convenient device quickly converts any standard 14″-22″ wide wheelchair into a powered chair. You’ll move over smooth or rough terrain with ease.  No more arm, hand, and shoulder strain! (Not recommended in sand or on loose gravel.)
The EZRide+ is lightweight, yet strong with 3-speed settings. Cruise alongside friends and family, shop at the supermarket or take your dog for a walk. Speeds – ECO (3 mph), MED (6 mph), and HIGH (12 mph).
The EZRide+ attaches and detaches quickly, and easily. The built-in kickstand keeps it freestanding until your next outing or simply fold the handles for storage, or to take it with you. The EZRide+ makes it easy to maneuver tight spaces with its 360-degree turning radius, yet it’s powerful enough to climb inclines of up to 30 degrees.
The EZ Ride+ features a hand brake, throttle, light, and horn. The treaded wheel provides traction on smooth or rough surfaces (Not recommended in sand or on loose gravel). The brake handle position is easily customizable for your comfort and confidence. The included multi-tool allows the brake handle to be adjusted for owners who have a weak or comprised grip without reducing safety. Travel up to 15 miles on a single charge of the rechargeable battery.
The LED Display shows Current Speed, Speed Setting, Battery Level, Total Mileage, Cumulative Mileage, and Current Speed. It also includes a battery charger storage bag that attaches to your wheelchair or over your shoulder. Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

Welcome To Mobility, Freedom, and Fun with Electric Handicap Scooters

Has old age or an injury restricted your mobility? Do you miss those days when you could move around without depending on others? It is time to power your life and welcome mobility, fun, and freedom with electric handicap scooters. ...
Handicap Scooters for Sale in Jacksonville
Mobility scooters can make a big difference in your life. At Home Ability Store, we offer handicap scooters for sale in Jacksonville, FL, to change lives. Forget all the pain and frustration that comes with mobility limitations, and embrace modern technology that lets you be in control of your life again. As a brand that has focused on helping clients gain freedom of mobility, we bring you the best power mobility products from the best manufacturers in the world. We take pride in driving you on a path of self-reliance, irrespective of your conditions. Move around your home unrestricted, or take your electric handicapped scooters for a spin outdoors. You will cherish things that may have seemed like distant memory.
An Electric Handicapped Scooter to Change Your Life
There is no lack of electric handicapped scooters in the market. But would you risk your life or your loved ones on a cheap low quality untested product? That’s where we come in with a fully tested and certified range of products. Our products selection are picked with mobility-challenged individuals and seniors’ needs in mind.
Easy to operate and maintain, we bring you an electric wheelchair scooter suited to your needs. Our scooters have multiple speed settings that manage your indoor and outdoor needs. The scooters come with easy installation KW that lets you or anyone in your family install them without hassle. We are aware of your needs regarding traveling and storage, and all our scooters and wheelchairs are easily foldable, letting you store them safely and pack them in the car while traveling. Whether taking a flight, a cruise or a train, you can easily fold the unit for storage and easily unfold it upon arrival at your destination.
Enjoy Your Freedom
Being the most trusted sellers of handicap scooters for sale in Jacksonville, FL, we understand the pain and frustration when your mobility is limited. Our power scooters and electric wheelchair scooters let you enjoy your newfound freedom. This is the best way of regaining your independence and doing the things you love doing the most. You won’t need to rely on anyone to move around; these scooters can be operated with one hand.
The electric handicap scooters have been designed to let our clients do the activities that weren’t possible in the past. It can meet your everyday needs and offer you access to different areas of your home. Take it outdoors, and you can breathe in the fresh air you might have missed for a long time.
We understand your concerns when choosing an electric handicap scooter with so many options at hand. Our customer-centric team is committed to providing unbiased advice to help you make the right choice. Irrespective of your mobility issues, we have electric wheelchair scooters and electric handicap scooters to meet your needs. Our team will answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.
Let Home Ability transform your life and relieve you from the pain and agony of mobility restrictions. When you are looking for the best deals on handicap scooters for sale in Jacksonville, FL, we have the best products waiting for you. Enjoy your newfound freedom with our electric handicapped scooters. Call us or stop by our showroom to browse and try our selections.

The Largest Selection Of Mobility Scooters In Jacksonville FL

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