Ramps & Lifts

We have a variety of ramps and lifts suitable for most wheelchairs and scooters available in our showroom. Come in and see what option is right for you.
Door Ramp

At the Home Ability Store showroom, we keep a few portable ramp options on display and in stock. If you’re looking for a more complex and permanent solution, we also offer home surveys, where we will measure for a ramp system and propose what we think is the best option for your situation. We work closely with our ramp manufacturers, Access4U and EZ Access, in order to quickly fulfill orders and get your ramp installed fast.

Vehicle Lifts
Vehicle Lift

A vehicle lift can keep you moving wherever you are. If you have a mobility device, even one that disassembles, you may find that transporting it can be difficult without a lift. There are many different vehicle lift options to consider, such as interior, exterior, and hybrid, so give us a call and we can narrow down what options would work best for you!

Vertical Platform Lifts
Vertical Platform Lifts

For some homes where space is a concern, a vertical platform lift would be a great alternative to a ramp system. Vertical platform lifts are like household elevators and can be installed inside or outside. They can extend up to 14 feet high and typically have a weight tolerance of 750 pounds. Call today to schedule a home survey for a personalized quote!

Patient Lifts
Patient Lift

Patient lifts are devices used by a caregiver to move patients between a wheelchair, bed, toilet, or anywhere else within the home. We offer both electric lifts and hydraulic lifts at the Home Ability Store.

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