Stair Lifts

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Straight Stair Lift​

Straight stairlifts are the perfect solution to easily navigate a straight staircase. At the Home Ability Store, we have two different brands on display to be viewed and experienced before you buy. We sell and install three different brands, as well as used units, to fit most budgets.

Curve Stair Lift​

Our curved stairlifts are custom built by our manufacturers to seamlessly fit any staircase that turns, no matter how complex they may be. They are the ultimate solution to easily and safely navigate your turning stairs, while simultaneously taking up as little space as possible on your staircase. Give us a call to schedule a staircase survey today.

Outdoor Stair Lift​

Outdoor stairlifts are designed specifically for use outside of the house and are built to hold up against the harsh and destructive Florida climate. If you have difficulty navigating the steps into and out of your home, an outdoor stairlift is an excellent way to make this process safer and easier.

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